Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

# 1   Why should Brides & Grooms Hire Professional Photographers ?

Over the last 25 years, camera’s have come a long way. In fact, I would be a fool to say only Professional Photographers can photograph weddings.
Whilst anyone, and yes I mean anyone, can photograph a wedding, only Professional Photographers know how to photograph the wedding to ensure all the little bits and special moments are not missed.
Professional Photographers have training, experience, equipment, understanding and the patience to photograph weddings how they should be photographed. From a list of special family photos to the ‘Photo of the Day’ Professional Photographers are constantly practicing their art of photographing Brides & Grooms along with the whole Bridal Party and Family and Friends.
Most Brides & Grooms do not know how weddings progress throughout the day, and as a Professional Photographer I know and understand the process from the moment the Bride starts to have her make-up and hair done, to the Groom nervously preparing to put on his suit and onto
The arrival at the Ceremony : The exchanging of vows & rings :  The Kiss :  The signing of the register : and the list goes on and on.
The point I am trying to convey is that Professional Photographers have photographed these scenes over and over and over, so this is where ‘experience’ matters and counts.  Hence the reason you will often hear that hiring a Professional Photographer is one of the best things Bride & Grooms have done.

# 2   Can Wedding Photography Packages be customised ?

The answer is YES.
Whilst I have a very popular ‘Basic Wedding Photography Package’ that is quite generous, we can certainly customise your Wedding Photography Package to suit you.
Additional Options include Prints Packages, Canvas’s, Full Reception Coverage plus lots more.
Contact us to discuss all your personalised ideas and if they attract an additional fee.


# 3   Can we pay-off our Wedding Photography Package ?

The answer is YES
Absolutely Yes !  We can set up a customised payment plan that allows you to pay off your Wedding Photography Package, leading upto your Wedding Day.
I will set up a plan that schedules payments and your final payment will be 2 weeks before your Wedding Day.
Payments are via direct payment transfers, so you have a receipt as soon as you transfer you payment.  You can track your payments and so can we.
Contact us to discuss the options available and we will do the rest.


# 4   Do we need to pay a Deposit for our Wedding Photography Package ?

The answer is YES
When we meet with Brides & Grooms, we will provide you with the total amount up front of what your Wedding Photography Package will cost.  There will be no additional costs after we both commit to the Photography agreement.
There will be a deposit required within two (2) weeks of commitment to the agreement.  However, flexibility is available if there is a valid reason why you need more time to pay your deposit.
The total amount owing for the Wedding Photography Package is required to be paid two (2) weeks before your Wedding Day.
Contact us to discuss all necessary payments and costs relevant to your Wedding Photography Package.


# 5   How can we save money on our Wedding Photography Package ?

Madgical Moments Photography has a special arrangement where Brides & Grooms can set up a Photography Registry Payment Package.
This effectively means that we will set up a deposit registry for your guests to pre-pay a monetary gift towards your Wedding Photography Package.
You will get a list of all guests who gifted money towards your Wedding Photography Package and your guests will get a card that shows they have gifted a monetary amount towards your Wedding Photography Package that can be placed in your Wishing Well at your Wedding Reception.
Contact us to discuss the options available to you and your guests with regards to a Wedding Photography Registry Payment Package.